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Roots Cellar Project Studio

Producer/Artist/Owner Geoff Gibbons

Full service producing/writing/recording for any project

On tour with a boys choir in Holland and Germany when Geoff was just 11, The group recorded two albums in Rotterdam with a Deutsche Gramaphon mobile recording unit.  As a soprano soloist, Geoff got an up close introduction to professional recording at an early age.


At 12 (in the days before Garage Band) Geoff was given a Panasonic reel to reel tape recorder, and was

instantly transfixed by sound on sound or multi-track recording, building stacked vocal harmonies and later adding instruments.  Crude though it was, it formed the foundation of a life passion for creating and recording  music.

Maintaining his passion...Over the years of recording and producing music, Geoff has accumulated knowledge from some of the best in the business, while putting together a select list of pro modern and vintage recording equipment for his project studio.

Geoff's style of producing and recording music maintains an honest and organic approach... From the seed of a song, to the completion of a full project.

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