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Los Angeles - Buffalo Hotel by Geoff Gibbons Takes a Dusty and Emotional Road

The Aquarian - New Jersey

Gibbons has created a world unto his own in the understated, folk-driven acoustic wisdom and beauty of the self-released, self-produced Buffalo Hotel.

"Masterful song crafting, top grade musicianship, lush harmonies, memorable melodies, honest lyrics."

Netherlands - "Buffalo Hotel" is a handsome and timeless album that only makes us long for a another album with a series of new songs from this talented Canadian singer-songwriter.

The Big Take Over - New York

"The songs of Geoff Gibbons sound like they easily could have been crafted in the heyday of the Laurel Canyon scene..."

"Regret and redemption and finding salvation in the most unrecognized places, Buffalo Hotel is an album filled with great storytelling and passionate vocals and music."

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