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One of the first songs Geoff wrote (Sky High)
became the lead radio single for his group Silverlode. The breezy summer release received extensive airplay across Canada and the album garnered a Best Independent Release award.
Hundreds of songs later, Geoff has received critical praise, and has been awarded for his compositions.
Geoff was recognized by top Nashville writers two years running by way of a song competition, which led to working with top writers Peter McCann (Jennifer Warnes, Whitney Houston) and James Dean Hicks (Johnny Cash, Miley Cyrus)and Bobby Wood (Dusty Springfield, Elvis Presley)
Geoff's song "No Prize" was recorded by Anne Murray's Daughter, Dawn Langstroth (Geoff recalls receiving an call from Anne Murray praising the song). "No Prize" was chosen by the acclaimed producer George Massenberg (James Taylor, Lyle Lovett) to appear on Dawn's debut album.
Geoff has been involved in writing songs and score for a number of film and TV projects. He wrote and recorded ten songs as well as the score for the Lion's Gate feature film "Wolf Moon", and has penned six songs for the upcoming Speed Street Production's feature "Lido".

Geoff's work with Bob D'eith for music on Bardel Animation's Mr. Dink Show, received international

recognition and was awarded top prize for animated series at the New York International Film Festival.
Though well versed at Roots based music, Geoff is a chameleon... adept in wrapping himself into any style of project.


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